Special Stamp Exhibit

  • 1854 Perot stamp, red on blue wove

    1854 Perot stamp, red on blue wove

  • 1840 Kirkcudbright cover

    1840 Kirkcudbright cover

About the Exhibition

Three Perot stamps, named after William B. Perot, Bermuda’s first Postmaster General from 1818 to 1862, and representing some of the rarest and most desirable stamps in the world, are being lent from Her Majesty The Queen’s private stamp collection to an exhibition in Bermuda from the 19–28 April 2012. Sponsored by specialist insurer Hiscox and to be held at Bermuda’s leading art museum, the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, the exhibition is part of the 200th anniversary celebrations for the Bermuda Post Office as well as Masterworks’ 25th anniversary. These stamps will be added to an existing exhibition on the history of the Bermuda Post Office which begins on April 5th


Guided exhibition tours
Tours can be arranged by calling 236‑2950 and we can accommodate individuals all the way up to a large group. There is no fee for a tour, however admission charges apply.

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